I am an Italian designer and art director living and working in Toronto. I'm all about creating awesome designs that are fueled by big ideas and a clear vision.  Through my journey, I have learned that a well-balanced mix of passion, love, and hard work is what makes projects truly rewarding and memorable experiences.

Selected Clients

IKEA, Staples, Bausch + Lomb, TD Bank, Lavazza, Coppel, WorkplaceOne, Pizzaville, GFL Enviromental, Lindvest, City of Turin


Autside, Jackman Reinvents, Watt International, Engine Group, Pentagram Austin, WeMind, EggersLab


Graphic Design, Complete Brand Design, Creative & Art Direction, Print & Digital Publishing, 2D animation, Front-end Web Development, Product Design


Adobe Creative Suite, Figma

I am always up to chat about new projects, if you are interested in working together or you just want to get it touch to say hi, drop me a line! 

about me...


Here are some pictures of my beautiful Vespa, Rouge. Feel free to follow her adventures on Instagram.

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My DJ project

Hailing from the vibrant city of Turin, Italy, Ændriu, also known as Biscotti, has spent light years as a music aficionado, dedicating himself to the craft of creating timeless soundscapes. His DJ sets traverse a vast spectrum of genres, blending cutting-edge basslines with otherworldly melodies, from funky Disco, pulsating Electro, dynamic Breakbeat, hypnotic Techno, euphoric Trance, acid Prog, to soulful Deep House. His passion for sonic perfection has taken him on cosmic voyages through the galaxy of music, exploring and discovering the finest tunes the universe has to offer. Whether performing at intimate parties or electrifying festivals, Ændriu's selections are carefully curated to provide a transcendent experience that defies time and space.


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